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Why I think that Google Glass is Not a failure

The interaction between medical providers and patients has been really compromised over the last few years.

According to Dr. Eric Topol ( as in his new book The Patient Will See You Now ),  in the US, the average return visit to the doctors office lasts seven minutes and a new consultation twelve minutes”.  Administrative requirements, reimbursement rules, government regulations and the inadequate use of technology, are among the factors to blame for this decline in the quality of medical care, at least in respect to the HUMAN quality of healthcare.

We have allowed technology to sequester what it meant to be a doctor, a healer-person connecting with the one seeking our help, our advice, our touch; a direct eye-to-eye link that could comfort and bring relief just by the mere act of taking the time to do it.

The SMART use of the RIGHT technology, can indeed improve the process, enhance the time and the interaction, paradoxically making us more, better HUMAN healers.

That’s one of the things that Google Glass can do in medicine.

Wearable devices, and specifically GoogleGlass, has started a tide of change and innovation, a true awakening of the minds, that only can be viewed as a major success, at least in that respect.

As a surgeon and innovator, the FIRST one to ever use Glass in the operating room, and NOT the only surgeon excited about this technology, I see this trend as the beginning of a new way to do medicine.


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  1. William Reed
    January 29, 2015 at 8:23 am

    Thanks for being a leader. Despite Apple’s decision to cut the limb that you ventured out on, you contributed greatly to what will be a continuing conversation.


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