The Evolution of GoogleGlass and Why it matters

This is the recent (several weeks ago-), four part interview at mHealthNews at the HIMSS Portland, Me office.

I had the privilege to spend some time sharing insights about my experience with GoogleGlass in medicine, the early accomplishments, the first surgery performed using the platform, its current state, advantages and limitations, future changes and, more importantly, why does It  matter for healthcare and medical education.

As the first step for a head mounted computer, with many of the capacities of a smartphone and more, Glass really represents a breakthrough in technology and the expansion of our vision on its use to improve what we do as medical providers and educators. Obviously, it is not a perfect device YET, but a first edition, with several upgrades already, that broke ground in order to place a computing-communication platform and a camera in front of our line of vision, allowing us to get and to share information for a particular purpose.Never before, have such a device, of its size and capabilities been made available to the general and specialized consumer.

Its release in 2013, really shocked the interest in many but, more importantly, ignited the imagination of hundreds of developers, entrepreneurs and professionals in a way rarely seen before, It certainly opened the eyes of those who wanted to have a new or a better, smarter  way to use technology for the benefit of mankind.

The Evolution of Google Glass in Healthcare, The Interview!

Part 1

How I began my journey… my involvement with TEDx, Singularity University-Exponential Medicine, Twitter, Blogging, Doctors2.o, Stanford’s MedicineX and Google Glass up to the its first use in the operating room and beyond…

Glass potential in Healthcare and Medical Education is only limited by our creativity and imagination…

Part -2

Potential and limitations.

The ethics of wearables in healthcare- No different than with any other electronics.

Data streaming, Medical scribes and much more. HIPAA compliance is a Must.

The early start with iPhone video (Facetime, Skype and others), my TEDx talk iPodTeletrauma, the $229, 130Million sq ft TraumaRoom

Part 3

How about the patients? Do they care about privacy?  “Better Cured than SeCured”, Denise Silber @Doctors2.0

To Err is Human, but 400,000 deaths per year, due to preventable medical errors… is way too many deaths. Forty Wrong Site Surgery, per week, despite checklists and “Time-Out’s” before starting any surgical case in the US.

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Systems…Imagine Google Now for Healthcare!

Part 4

And…What’s next with Google Glass? A wearable device created to augment your abilities , specifically, as needed, depending on your line of work or interest. Faster, with more capacity, better battery life, easier connectivity, leaner  and less obtrusive or obvious on your face and, likely, less expensive.

I do believe that eventually the wearable device will be less “wearable” and more “part-of-you”. A true Health machine.

That device will also be more omnipotent, not just obtaining and self-measuring standard variables (think heart rate, respirations, brain activity, blood pressure, oxygen content, etc.), but also with the capacity to use your own data to correct deficiencies, alert of imminent changes in your physiology (predict a stroke or a heart attack!)…to HEAL Thyself!

I can’t wait to see that.

Until the next time and SHARE AT WILL!


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  2. January 7, 2015 at 1:24 pm

     Me again. Sorry, Thought you might also want to read this article from todays P&D mag? J FTC Chief Says Gadget Industry Must Prioritize Privacy

    |   | |   | |   |   |   |   |   | | FTC Chief Says Gadget Industry Must Prioritize PrivacyWhile gadget companies are celebrating a coming bonanza of health trackers, connected cars and “smart” home appliances, the head of the Federal Trade Commission … | | | | View on | Preview by Yahoo | | | |   |



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