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Ebola virus, Education & Telemedicine: a SmartER Combination (Kaci Hickox case)

This is the reason why despite having negative testing for Ebola, high risk-individuals should still be very vigilant of their symptoms, so that if they become symptomatic they then avoid ANY risky contact with the public ( self-imposed or forced-quarantine ).


In other words, the PCR test is VERY GOOD, it detects even minute amounts of the virus in the blood stream, IF IT IS INDEED PRESENT in the blood stream!

The problem is that the virus might be present in the body ( meaning that the person is infected) BUT NOT PRESENT in the blood YET, so the test will be negative, even though the person is still infected.

Once the disease advances, the person becomes symptomatic and the virus is released from organs like the spleen and liver, to the blood stream. That is why the patient is not really contagious-thru bodily fluids ( blood, saliva, etc.) until later in the course of the infection.

So if you have been in contact with Ebola patients, meaning that you have a high chance of being infected, even when the PCR test has ben negative, early in the course of the risk period, you need to be very careful to monitor yourself  (or be monitored) for symptoms of the disease, so that if the symptoms appear, you can isolate yourself ( or be isolated) until you test negative again.

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Ebolavirus infection. Education &  Technology can help, especially EDUCATION!

The recent news about the Ebola epidemic are really catching the world’s attention, and I feel that it is important to keep updating this post about this most important, life-threatening topic.

Ebola Glass2

I’m not an Infectologist. I’m not an Epidemiologist either. I’m just a Surgeon.

Like many healthcare professionals, I have been thinking about it for several weeks. In my particular case, I’m extremely alarmed and  do worry that this current epidemic, will spread fast and take an enormous toll on its way to be eventually defeated.

Some facts: Wikipedia/Ebolavirus

I don’t want to get too technical about this.

FACTS: It is a virus, basically (RNA) protein that infects a host (in our case, humans) and replicates quickly, overwhelming the bodies capabilities to fight it. It attacks, among several targets, the lining of blood vessels (endothelium) and organs like the liver…

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