GoogleGlass on Steroids!


In medicine, when we say that something is “on steroids“, it usually means that it is super-charged, greatly improved and much better (think of how the steroids are usually, Ilegally used to improve athlete’s performance!).

When I thought of writing this post, my mind had been for days revolving around the fact that, despite being an amazing device, with great potential, GoogleGlass is still fairly limited and rough, in order to overly improve the way we do or teach medicine.

There have been several updates to the software, and the Glass we enjoy today is significantly better than the one I got in early June, 2013, a few days before I performed the first ever documented surgery procedure using this incredible gadget. The software runs smoother, the battery lasts longer, the features and menu are improved…Unfortunately, we are still missing the very important ability to live-stream video, since it was “recalled” several months ago ( a move that was necessary, since that feature was really not worth of the Google standard ). Some time ago, I had the chance to speak with the current head of Glass, Ivy Ross, , and she explained the reasoning behind the decision and also mentioned that, in the near future, something better will be brought back-…I can’t wait!). As I have emphasized in the past, this unique characteristic of Glass is really one of the reasons why, right out-of-the-box- this marvelous wonder could potentially revolutionize Healthcare and Medical Education, among many other disciplines.

Over the last year, many” wonder” coders, individuals, start-up companies and Universities have developed “spells” that really allow us to do the” magic” with Glass.We have gone far, but we are still just in the beginning, barely scratching the surface…

I have said it before, GoogleGlass represents the “Natural Evolution” of the computer (hardware ) platform, and its use is only limited by our imagination and creativity; I believe that we have seen a lot of that fantastic creativity in action, but there’s still a lot of ground to cover, a lot of potential to be fulfilled…


One of the features that is still missing, is the ability to integrate a completely “touch-less” control to Glass, enabling the navigation of the menu without a “swipe” or “tap”, without voice, wink or tilting of the head. The more intuitive way to do it, is to use hand “gestures” (moving, pointing, squeezing, etc.) in a virtual field, up in the air in front of our face (and Glass). For someone as myself, for example, for whom hands need to remain absolutely sterile at all times while operating, a virtual menu, which I can navigate without physical contact, would be to be “on Steroids”!

For some time time, I have been collaborating with a few brilliant teams of individuals, who will make this happen. New, and older devices, like the Myo (, LeapMotion (, Kinect ( and incredible interfaces like TedCube ( will augment GoogleGlass in ways that we can only dream of now.

Enabling touch-less commands and navigation of menus, will for sure make this  wearable device run “on steroids”, increasing the performance, our performance, and allowing us to, legally…get the gold we all deserve.





  1. Bill Reed
    August 12, 2014 at 6:22 am

    Dr. G
    Great perseverance despite some negative comments on the applicability of the Glass. You are demonstrating great leadership. Please keep it up.
    Bill Reed


  1. August 12, 2014 at 5:06 pm
  2. October 18, 2014 at 6:10 pm

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