GoogleGlass vs. Healthcare

Hi there. This is the body of an e-mail I recently wrote. After reading it (before it was sent), I thought that in a way, and in very few words, it represented my abbreviated thoughts on how wearable technology (like GoogleGlass) really has an inevitable and imminent role in the healthcare game. Here we go:

What is the central idea, topic, or concept (50 words or less)?
 “Wearable” user platforms (i.e. GoogleGlass) represent the evolution of the hardware interface, connecting humans to the digital realm, and have the potential to revolutionize medical care, changing the current paradigms.
Despite advances in EMR (Electronic Med Records) engagement, data flow is still archaic and inadequate, prone to inaccuracy and promoter of errors, because the input is being done by the human element, the same way we did it when “pen and paper” charts were the norm. 
Intuitive, “human-free” data flow, by an “artificially smart”, deep-learning capable system (imagine “Google Now for Healthcare”) will make the system more efficiently dynamic, more accurate, providing only the pertinent, correct data, when needed, improving care, preventing medical errors and decreasing cost. Let “the data come to us”, rather than us go searching for it.
Such a system would allow the user to input data as well, smoothly, instantaneously, by intuitive means (i.e. voice commands, although not exclusively), again, making it more efficient.
It will Improve Communication and Connectivity between All the elements of this Healthcare Equation, and that will make the ultimate result BETTER.
 Why is this idea timely now? How is this a significant difference from the status quo in health, medicine, or society?
Healthcare is in crisis. The cost and the incidence of medical errors are unacceptable unsustainable, from a financial and, more importantly, a moral societal perspective. The change needs to happen now. We have reached the developmental, technological level and have the means to make this a reality.
What is the impact on health and medicine if this idea is fully embraced? How big and wide-spread is this impact?
The impact is self-explanatory. BETTER Healthcare overall. It would reach all stages of medical care, from prevention to cure and rehabilitation. 
What changes or innovations need to occur in order for this idea to be realized?
We have the technology! We need to boldly change the approach, enact the ideas for the smart use of the tools we have (i.e. GoogleGlass). We need to change the “culture” of healthcare , from corporations, to hospitals to providers…and patients. Preaching loudly about this, like in TEDMED, will spread the news, and the more people see the possibilities, the sooner the changes will be demanded!
I hope you like it. Please provide me with feedback. Thanks
As always, my Best to you.
  1. February 28, 2014 at 8:14 am

    nice piece! great layout to blog overall. consider regular typeface instead of italics to make reading easier. really like simple, clean look of your site. also, have you thought about purchasing your own domain (, etc.) and uploading wordpress there? you could make site exactly the same and it would remove “” from your url. anyhow, my congratulations to you on this nice piece and great blog. i’ll be reading & following on social media sites. nice job keeping trauma & acute care surgery at the forefront of social media. if you’d ever like to do a guest blog piece let me know–I’d be happy to post what you write in an additional venue!


    • February 28, 2014 at 8:27 am

      Thxs indeed. Have thought about some of your recs but have been too busy to engage, BUT I will !!

      Thxs again. Best


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