OK Glass: not a new idea !

It’s really been an evolution. It’s not a new idea.
Recently, while researching for information to complete a few talks I have coming up at different conference venues, I came across a 1962 issue of a magazine that really surprised me and got me thinking.
I’m attaching the original article and some pics for you to enjoy and hopefully be as surprised and excited as I was.

I have said it many times, GoogleGlass represents the natural evolution of the computing device, of the platform connecting the information-the Web to the individual; from the first computers that filled up a room, to the big desktop PC, to the laptop, to the tablet, to the smartphone…down to a wearable device like Glass, so far, the ultimate gadget.

I believe Glass has great potential in Healthcare. When Glass apps are made available, I do believe, I do know, this platform will revolutionize the process of providing care and educating future generations of providers. In the meantime, the device, as it is, still can change the way we work and teach medicine. By allowing us to do a Hangout from “our forehead”, and streaming our point-of-view to an individual or a crowd anywhere, ” show and tell” takes a new meaning, a whole new dimension.

In my last post, I showed both perspectives, the traditional recording of a procedure vs. the actual view of the surgeon performing a thoracostomy.

When I performed the first surgical procedure ever done while wearing GoogleGlass, it was not only very intuitive to use, but also I could appreciate how it would be helpful to enhance communication and connectivity to and from the operating room.

See: 1st time Glass In The OR by R Grossmann MD FACS ! http://t.co/bMR64jVCTQ
&MedEd”OK Glass:Teach me Medicine!” http://t.co/0vYPZcrzKk






In that old article from 1962, the last paragraph actually tells about how such a device could logically help surgeons provide better care, that’s 51 years ago, long way before the Internet was even thought of. A Real Evolution indeed.

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